L E F T • C O A S T • G A L L E R I E S
proudly presents
Richard Franklin "Paintography" 
December 1st through December 15th 
Thursday, December 8th from 6-9pm


There is an old cliché that when it comes to photography
 "It's all in the eye" I disagree. 


 ''Spartan Warrior #07"


It's all in the mind. The brain processes the information it receives from the eye and then goes through a staggering array of permutations before executing the command to press the camera release button. Amongst those permutations is the sum total of our life's experiences and the values that derive from them.


This exhibition divides into three dominant themes. WARRIOR WOMEN, BODY ART, FANTASY. Obviously there is an overlap amongst the images. My warrior women for example are often draped in fabrics and all categories have a predominant emphasis on vivid colors.


A few words regarding my technical approach. I use limited computer enhancement. I do try to smooth out skin tones and sometimes add a little bit of brightness or contrast to the finished work. However all effects are within the camera and I have never superimposed a digital background or effect to any of my work. I like the old-fashioned approach to photography and I get pleasure from knowing that it all came from the camera and nowhere else.


I have on occasion referred to myself as a 'Paintographer' in the sense that quite a few of my pictures look like paintings. This derives from having grown up in the rich historical environment of London, my boyhood love of classical themes and my exposure at an early age to the Great Masters.



       ''Purple Harlquin #31"        

       "Gladiators #11"

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