Left Coast Galleries

"Life and the
Vast Expanse"


July 1st- August 3rd, 2010
Artist Reception:
Thursday July 1st, 6-9pm

Although two different disciplines, the act of painting and the act of sculpting share a common soul and arrive at similar points. Whereas a painting connects the participant to a two dimensional window and extension - inviting emotion, delivering intent and enabling sensory exploration derived from color and texture. Equivocally compelling, however spatially more obvious, a sculpture invites a physical participation, art interacting in a three dimensional arena with the participants. My sculptural works are interpretive to a real world stimuli - a metaphorical manifestation, a physical embodiment to themes inclusive to "our" place in the world, in society, in simple human interaction and the basic trials and tribulations which labor us all. An esoteric permanence, similar to the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, depicting everyday life and man's relationship with forces unknown.

My intent with oils and mixed media is an extension of my interpretation of the beauty and simplicity that I see and feel in art - the color, shapes, textures, spacial relationships and symmetry - all emotionally connecting, compelling and a driving force in my work. Sculpting and painting are complimentary creative forces and much needed extensions which I am undeniably compelled to use.

I am able to communicate some ideas more potently using one or the other as my communicative tool. I am in constant flux and evolution and this is most noticeable through both my sculptures and paintings. I continue to keep myself open to the creative process, looking for new and more effective ways to translate my intent and vision. My surrender to the process and my desire to explore past my boundaries, involving new processes and using new tools is what keeps me evolving as an artist and it's this evolution which is pertinent to an artist and the infinite inquisitive exploration that is art.

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