Ann Krasner


Ann Krasner was born on January 17, 1967, the youngest child of Ninel and Alexander Kan, in Moscow, USSR. Ann grew up in an environment interested in science, music, photography, ballet, and theater. She was chosen to study ballet at the Bolshoy Theater Ballet Studio in 1973, and simultaneously, she was accepted to the Moscow Central Music School to the class of piano and music theory, which she attended for 7 years.

In the beginning of the 1987, just a week after turning 20, Ann Kan got married to Paul Krasner, and one year later Ann and her husband left Russia and immigrated to the United States, leaving their families and friends behind. They settled in California, making Los Angeles a new home. Three years later, Ann gave birth to their daughter Danielle Krasner and in 1995 the family moved into their new house in Malibu. In September, 1996, Ann began the MBA program at University of La Verne. One and a half years later she graduated with Master Degree in Business Administration.

In 1997 Major museums, art galleries, art dealers, and art collectors began to show an incredible interest in Ann's artwork. In May, Ann won the Best Painting Award on 34th Annual Jury show in Malibu with the title -Be show" and "People's choice" vote. By 1998, Ann created over four hundred paintings, and achieved: "The Artist's Magazine"-Finalist International Annual Competition with over 10,000 entries; Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art "Best in Acrylic/oil" - Competition of 400 Professional Artists of California; acceptance to the "Art in Embassies" Program of the United States Department of the State.

The last year of the 20th century brought Ann worldwide recognition. She won the International Competition sponsored by the Art Calendar Magazine with the painting "Understanding Line." She exhibited her painting "City Dance" in the Salon des Artistes Francais, Paris, France. Ann became an artist in Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Art rental and sales gallery. The beginning of year 2000 brought Ann an even greater success. Three months after giving birth to her son Benjamin, Ann left for Paris where she had personal exhibition at Galerie du Toit de la Grande Arche de la Defense. During the rest of the year, Ann's work was shown in six museums and even more galleries throughout the United States. New exhibitions and greater achievements came about in 2001. Nine museums in United States and galleries in Switzerland, England, and France chose to exhibit Ann's work. She became a featured artist in Philadelphia Fine Art museum (rental division.) Over one hundred paintings were born in this fruitful year. Ann donated a number of paintings to various charities to help raise funds for struggling artists and musicians, schools, and medical research foundations.