Hanna Zbroniec


- I respect authenticity in creativity most of all. Without it art does not exist.
- Art is a discipline that promotes truth.
- I respect craft. It gives us the means by which to be a master, which is a privilege and a huge responsibility.
- What attracts me is the mysterious and the unexpected.
- I like to think of art as a dragonfly that will survive the sandstorm.
Hanna Zbroniec

Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland - Dept.of Painting, Graphic and Sculpture Polytechnic Institute of Szczecin, Poland - Dept of Architecture

She works as an art teacher for Advertising College and elementary schools in Wroclaw. Collaborates as a freelance graphic designer with: several publishing houses in Poland and Germany, a cultural weekly "What's going on?" and several advertising agencies in Poland. Works with art restoration studios: Grossular Co. in Wroclaw, Poland Winter Restoration Enterprise in Copenhagen. Worked also on several movie productions as a set decorator and as a teacher for children-actors on movie sets.
She is a member of ZPAP (Polish Artists Federation) and World Federation of Miniaturists.

Selected Awards:
1996/1997   DAAD Scholarship, Germany
1998   Award in Contest "Access to Education" organized by United Nations Information Center in Warsaw, Poland
1999   Scholarship of Ministry of Culture, Poland