Michael Gorman


Exuberant in life, his art comes at the viewer like a churning locomitive demanding attention, demanding a response. We are not mild in this presence. Pain surges and spreads across the canvas in platelets of boiling texture and color in which ominous obliquely human shapes and forms can be discerned.

Gorman's unconventional use of salvaged objects include slices of sofa, zippers, tin can tops and much encrusted debris. His style links him as a contemporary exponent to the "Art Informal Movement", a group of artists who used non-art materials in their work rejecting traditional forms of composition.

Gorman's intesne passion is passed into his work conveying a joyous liberation as he deflates the pompous with a huge finger or looms in the dark cavities of human gloom and mystery with a passionate wry forboding. The work may appear chaotic, but his method is systematic. An organized riot of conflicting elements placing Gorman's work in the love fest with detritus.

Johnson County, MO 1963

University of Kansas at Lawrence, BFA
University of California, Berkeley
Summer of 88-89 Florence, Italy

Philip Morris Collection
Reebok Corporation
American Express
Bank of America, Hawaii
Jackie Chan, Beverly Hills, CA
Richard Lewis, Los Angeles, CA