Painting for me refers to the process necessary to make an object. This process becomes a play between construction and destruction where metaphor and message is sent. When I begin a new project, there is an underlying process of problem solving that occurs. Within each painting is a set of conflicts and struggles that are dealt with, overcome, or manipulated. Most art is related or wed to a vast language of abstraction that we have inherited. This is a fact that seems to parallel the information age of what to do with what has been created. I like to think of Kandinsky's statement, "the spirituality of the materials". With new materials available, and knowledge of past criticisms, schools, and theories, we are more free than ever to move this matter around with a hopeful, devotional quality. I would like to have the sense of time and history, present in the surface, as well as filtered through the dense repainting, erasure, and layering. Painting in this way allows me to suspend doubt, and address an untapped source.

Andrew Moore